Zalika is a Malaysian e-commerce platform headquartered under Zalika Enterprise, which was founded in 2019. Zalika aims to make online shopping easy and secure for both sellers and buyers from muslim community.

This platform provides a platform to buy and sell online, focusing on items that produced and sell by Muslim. The ultimate aim of creating this application was to facilitate the search of Muslim products. With this platform, the Muslim entrepreneur can register as a seller and sell their products in Zalika.

We took this initiative to create a platform for Muslim sellers where they can sell their product without competing with foreign products. Besides, only Muslim truly understands the meaning of Halal based on Islamic teachings. It will be easier for Muslims to get a Muslim product without doubting the Halal status.

This platform will be constantly updated to increase the number of products over time. We hope with this platform, it will contribute to the development of the ummah for Muslim and thus improve the economy of every Muslim in Malaysia.

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Happy Shopping!


Dinie Shuhaimi
CEO & Founder

He is a co-founder and board of director of several companies. He established a company and managed multi-million
projects as early as 20 years old. He has an experience in the field of creative multimedia and web / application
development for 7 years. His experiences has led him to the establishment of Zalika.

Alif Fitri
Chief Technology Officer

Enthusiastic with new technology. He always find the best way in order to complete the
task. Excellent with teamwork and know best how to give the task according members expertise. 7 years experience in IT solution and creative content development such as web-based system, augmented reality, games and mobile application.

Izwan Hafiz
Lead Developer

He is a meticulous and charismatic person. He has 8 years experiences in website development and digital
marketing. He has been involved in website development and digital marketing for well known companies such as Old
Town White Coffee and Tealive.

Ameera Syafiqah
FInancial & Sales Manager

She graduated from University in Australia majoring in International Business, Finance, and Trade. She is a person
who loves challenges and always come out with brilliant ideas.

Nurul Faizal
General Manager

He is a passion and ambitious person in business. He has an experiences in business and now, he owns a foods and
beverages business and owner for a bakery shop in Selangor.

Zamri Badry
Lead Designer

He is specialist in graphic designer with over 9 years of experience especially in designing graphics for poster,
logos and promotions for marketing purposes. Used to work with KRU and Skop Production and has been involved in visual effects and motion graphics for 8 local films.

Muhammad Afiq
Communication Manager

He has an experiences in managing several projects with a production companies. He was
once a Project Manager for television’s project and has beeninvolved in post production for local and international films. He also has been involved in carnival management at top university in Malaysia. 

Azwan Alaman
Content Creator

He is someone who constantly updates and always follow the news on media social. He has an experience in
business as well, and he develops his own brand and has been market in three states.